Pedro Pinto

Pedro Pinto is an award-winning director, graduated from the National Film and Television School in London. His background in theatre and acting means he is a natural at directing actors and can easily draw out an emotive performance that is driven by storytelling.  A versatile director mixing technical virtuosity with a natural talent for storytelling. He has an eye for unique, colourful and cinematic worlds with a dash of subtle humour. Recently Pedro has worked with recognised brands such as Google, Jeep, Amazon or McDonald's. He´s based in Lisbon, Portugal.

Total Energies - We snappen u

Emirates - Brandfilm [by DejaVu]

MeDirect - My Money My Rules [by Fledge]

STC - Unveilling The Future

JEEP - Rewild Yourself [by DejaVu]

ASUS - The Pitch [by Bollywood]

Mcdonald´s Lighthouse [by Krypton]

Vodafone - Forward to the Future