Shueti grew up on the streets, in a village somewhere in Northern Europe. After finishing his studies as a welder by day and a painter by night, he continued his creative training at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy Amsterdam where they discovered his obsessive eye for detail and a borderline-neurotic commitment to everything that comes his way. His years on and off film set collaborating with athletes, dancers, models and music artists, earned Shueti nominations and awards for his work around the world.

Throughout his films, he seeks 'new visuals' which drive his innovative style. He is artistically autonomous, defined by sophistication and cinematic power threaded with his personal sensitivity. This leads to an aesthetic visual style that combines poetry and his commitment to 'see the beauty in all'. If not working on commercials, you'll probably catch him riding a wave, working in his studio or staring at his ceiling.

Orange - Tomorrow

UJET - Commercial [by Amok]

Nespresso - Commercial [by Blackhorse]

Carrefour - Commercial

Abu Dhabi - Brandfilm [by Black Rhino]

Simon - Dance Performance