Jérôme Langlade

Jérôme is a French director known for his natural and sharp comedy, precise casting, and skillful dialogue. He began his career as a copywriter and quickly gained recognition at DDB, winning two Lions in a row for a campaign he created and directed for "Le Barran, the chicken you can trust."

He then transitioned to full-time directing, winning a Bronze Lion for Folic the following year. Jérôme has since directed numerous commercials for major brands such as Amazon, McDonald's, Burger King, Renault, Toyota, Mobistar, VOO, Crédit Agricole, and Groupama.

In addition to his commercial work, Jérôme is also involved in television. After many years in Paris, he is now based in Belgium and speaks Dutch fluently, "met haar op."

Ikea - Maniaque

Mobistar - Overname

VOO - Papa

Amazon - Thierry Henry